MIX8425 Electrochemical Ethylene(C2H4) Gas Sensor

  • Target Gas: C2H4
  • Range :0 ~ 100ppm
  • Application: Industrial monitors leakage detection, Fruit and Vegetable storage

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Principle Introduction:

MIX8425 Ethylene(C2H4) Gas Sensor is an electrochemical sensor developed by Mixsen. It uses the principle of electrochemistry. There is a reference electrode inside the sensor, which greatly improves the stability of the sensors. When the sensor senses the Ethylene(C2H4), the working electrode and the counter electrode react with the redox reaction, through measure the current to get the concentration of Ethylene(C2H4).


High selectivity & sensitivity to C2H4
High accuracy
Linear output


Industrial monitors leakage detection
Fruit and Vegetable storage

Technical parameters :

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