MIX8012 Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide(CO) Gas Sensor

  • Target Gas: Carbon Monoxide/CO
  • Range :0-1000ppm
  • Application: Residential CO detector and alarm, Commercial CO detector

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Principle Introduction:

Carbon Monoxide ( Co ) gas sensor is electrochemical gas sensor,the concentration of the gas could be get by measuring value of current.We have different types of CO sensors, except the sensor, we also have modules and we can supply one-stop gas sensor solutions.The most hotsale type of co sensor is:MIX8012,MIX8011,MIX8015,etc.The life of the Carbon Monoxide (co) gas sensor are 3 years,7years,8years,10years.So just tell us your detail need,we can meet your different needs and send you price asap.


Low consumption;
High precision;
High sensitivity;
Wide linear range;
Good anti-interference ability;
Excellent repeatability and stability.


Residential CO detector and alarm;Commercial Carbon Monoxide ( CO ) detector and alarm;Fire detection;Ventilation control.

Technical parameters :

Item Specification
Measurement Range 0-1000ppm
Maximum Overload 2000ppm
Sensitivity >0.015uA/ppm
Resolution 0.5ppm
Response Time(T90) <50s
Recommended Load Resistor 200Ω
Repeatability <3﹪ Output value
Stability(/Year) <10﹪
Output Linearity Linear
Zero Drift(-20℃~40℃) ≤10ppm
Storage Temperature -20℃ ~ 50℃
Storage Humidity 15﹪ ~ 90﹪Rh
Pressure Range Normal atmosphere ±10%
Anticipated Using Life 7 Years

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